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Gilbert Brings Out the Lookie-Loos

↵Gilbert Arenas made his (almost) glorious return to action Saturday night as the awful Wizards hosted the slip-slip-slipping Pistons in D.C. Apparently, the local media has renewed interest in the 'Zards all of a sudden. ↵
↵⇥"Damn, we ain't had this much media since...." Nick Young said 90 minutes before tip.
↵⇥"People I ain't seen before, people got smiles on their faces," Antawn Jamison added when he entered the locker room. "Y'all need anything? Y'all want a cold drink?" ↵
↵That's a bit amazing, isn't it? A guy who basically hasn't played in two full seasons, and who was an All-Star but certainly not a MVP-level player prior to that ... it's no small wonder what a personality the size of a C-141 can do.
↵In game action, Gil shot poorly (3-for-12) but dropped 10 assists and generally looked OK (according to reports and the 20 minutes I watched). Selfishly speaking, I hope the Wizards run off a winning streak. Go Gil!↵

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