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Louisville-Michigan State Smells Like Onions

↵Some games offer up a premonition of late heroics, like Villanova-Pitt on Saturday. Louisville-Michigan State is definitely offering up that funny feeling. It's 30-27 Spartans at the half, with Goran Suton nailing seven of his 10 shots for 17 points.
↵The Cardinals' press hasn't been terribly effective; it's almost worked to MSU's advantage, with the patient Spartans offense settling into a steady diet of pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop basketball that's allowed Suton to get the little touch of daylight he needs. But on the other end, Michigan State's vaunted defense has allowed Louisville four offensive rebounds in 15 opportunities. Back-up guard Preston Knowles had scored 11 for the Cards, and Terrence Williams (though scoreless) has four assists to his credit.
↵Who will be the hero? Edgar Sosa has had some swagger, and Kalin Lucas has a steely aura about him. I'm excited. This fan up here is excited. Be excited!↵

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