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New Feature: 'Race Day Open Thread' Starting With Martinsville


Time: 2 ET/1CT

Network: FOX

Defending Race Winner: Denny Hamlin

Laps/Miles: 500/263


Ok this is new to me.  It is something that I've wanted to do for a while but just didn't do it for whatever reason; have an open thread on race day.

As I do more of these I'm sure I'll get better at it.

Anyway, I'll have the tread up so you all can participate, but I probably won't be around here too much during the race today as I have other commitments.  I will try however to be around for the end of the race, but I'm not making any promises.

Some topics of discussion can be;

  1. Who do you think will benefit the most by having practice cancelled?
  2. Who do you think will benefit the least by having practice cancelled?
  3. How do you think having a 'green' track will effect the race?
  4. Will Joey Logano stay in the top 35?
  5. Do you think brakes will enter into the story line today or not?  And why?
  6. Will the Busches make it 4 in a row?
  7. Jeff Gordon's winless streak comes to one of his best tracks.
  8. 'Curse of Bobby Layne 50's' schedule appearance HERE today!
  9. And anything else you can think of ...

So comment, comment often, and don't forget to hit that refresh button every minute or so.

See you all later.

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