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Cassel: Thanks For Taking Out Brady's Knee

In a slight twist of irony that we hadn’t considered, one of Matt Cassel’s new teammates in Kansas City is Bernard Pollard, the safety who took out Tom Brady’s knee last season. It was, of course, that injury that gave Cassel the opportunity to play all season for the Patriots, succeed as a starter, and become a $14 million-man with the Chiefs. ↵

↵So, naturally, Cassel said during his introduction to the media in K.C. yesterday that he will soon seek out Pollard and thank him: ↵

↵⇥"Oh gosh. Now he is a teammate and I know that it wasn’t intentional. Nobody likes to see anybody go down, I’m sure including himself. I will talk to him and say hello, say thank you for the opportunity, but you never want to see anybody get hurt out there." ↵
↵USA Today’s Tom Weir made a fuss about Cassel saying he plans to thank Pollard, but whatever. If Pollard hadn’t destroyed Tom Brady’s knee, Cassel would still be sitting on the bench, waiting for his chance to start. And speaking of, the We’re Serious Journalists! Question of the Month goes to whoever asked this during the press conference: ↵
↵⇥Q: How long have you been waiting for your time to come as a starting quarterback? ↵
↵Well, let’s see. He was a back-up at USC for five years. And then rode the bench in New England for three. So, five plus three ... eight. Eight years. Good question though. This is why bloggers could never be considered “real journalists”: We just don’t know how to ask the tough questions.↵

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