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More About Sunday's Main Event in Vegas


I'll just through this out off the top of my head in point form format instead of my usual witty prose - sorry to disappoint but oh well.

1)  Ok the first thing I've got to say is, "When did Jamie McMurray go to the Tanner Foust school of drifting?" 

Did you see that slide that McMurray went into and still came out on the other end with the car pointed int he right direction?  Man, that was cool.

2)  Notice that Earnhardt and Martin are almost out of the owner points?  I wonder if Rick hendrick is just a tad bit worried of one or both cars slipping out of the top 35 after the end of 5th race?  Well Jimmie Johnson was sitting in 35th this time last year and he won the Championship, so Hendrick shouldn't be too concerned, should he?

3)  Speaking of drifting, I wonder if Jimmie Johnson will be contacting Tanner Foust after his slide into the wall after he got sideways?

4)  I wonder if Rick Hendrick is going to be mandating pit practice for his drivers this week to prepare for Atlanta.  I mean, with all of the problems his drivers have had with the pits lately it would be prudent for him to do so, wouldn't it?

Dale Earnhardt missed his pit box and then stops outside the pit box in Daytona.  Jimmie Johnson drivers through his pit box knocking one of his crew members off of his feet in the procces this week.  Jeff Gordon misses the entrance to pit row, flatspots his tires which leads to his tire blowing up, and Mark Martin has his car come out of gear while coming onto Pit Row and 'she done blowed up."  The

At this point in the game it would appear that the Hendrick cars would run better if they didn't have to pit at all during a race.

5)  Look for NASCAR to play with the rearend gears for this race next season as the motors put out a ton of rpms which lead to blown motors.

6)  What about Toyota pulling their motors before the race thus sending their teams to the back of the pack?  What a gutsy move by the car company to make sure everyone was going to be competitative.

7)  Glad to see that Carol Shelby was honoured at this race this week.  i wonder if they will do that more in the future with other automotive performance pioneers.

Ok, now it is time for other hot pieces of info for you:

a)  Look for my NASCAR Fantasy League to be up and running sometime this week.  I'm running this in partnership with and it is coming together quite nicely.

b)  Speaking of working things out, after we work out the bugs we should have my archive moved over from my old site sometime this week.

c)  My Dale Earnhardt DVD contest will be up this week too - perhaps tomorrow.  Make sure to come back and enter for your chance to get this DVD - it is cool.

Photo Credit: John Harrelson/Getty Images