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Why Would the Cavs Need Jason Kidd?

Some buzz going today about Jason Kidd to Cleveland when the Mavs PG goes all FA on us this summer. Windhorst says: ↵
↵⇥The Cavs are thrilled with point guard Mo Williams, who became an All-Star this year. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for another, especially if Kidd were to accept a more limited role, as he did for Team USA. Though the Cavs have Delonte West and Daniel Gibson who can handle the ball, they don't have another true point guard on the roster. ↵⇥
↵⇥Kidd is the best point guard of his generation and as he showed Sunday, when he scored nine points with eight assists and seven rebounds, there's still gas in the tank. ↵
↵Putting aside for a second the "Kidd, Iverson or some other vet signs for $5 million" scenario, this smacks of the Marion-to-Cleveland trade that many, among them me, advocated at the middle of the season. Those in favor viewed it as a massive upgrade. Those against wondered why an upgrade was necessary, unless it was a surefire, pieces fit like in a dream, acquisition. Shawn Marion was not that, nor would Jason Kidd be. As it turns out, those who said the Cavs should avoid Marion were right -- at least insofar as the team has the best record in the league, and the Matrix hasn't exactly been reborn in Toronto. ↵
↵And that's the acid test: Right now, the Cavs are too good to argue with. Of course, this sets up an impossible standard, where anything short of a ring demands a move. But if Cleveland doesn't go all the way this season, maybe it'll happen next year -- without them, or anyone else, having to tip off an arms race. Patience, people! Or, more importantly, if they want to upgrade the team, why not wait till 2010 and go after Bosh? Certainly, that's more appealing than this tid-bit from Kidd: ↵
↵⇥"I could sit and watch from the bench," Kidd said. "[LeBron] is so talented, he's going to get guys wide open shots. So we'll look at free agency and what happens for me next year." ↵
↵I don't think he meant that LeBron can play PG just fine by himself, which is the association I took away from it. But it does give you some sense of the disconnect between how much these big names actually can do for a team like the Cavs, who have most of their ducks in a row and appear to be cruising ahead just fine. Adding redundant big names, that would be positively Cuban-like.↵

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