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Scouting report: Kyle Moore

Kyle Moore

6'6, 272 pounds | Southern California | Defensive end

Moore is a tall and physical defensive end who looks like he could be a better pro than college player. He has the size to play at base end on the strong side. Doesn't get caught on cut blocks. Moore holds up really well against the run. He can get off blocks and get to the ball carrier.

Weaknesses: Doesn't have a lot of immediacy off the line of scrimmage. Will struggle to get off the line and has his strength neutralized. Gets high far too often and will need to be coached heavily in this area. What will frustrate coaches the most is his inability to change direction without losing a step. Doesn't put his hands up enough to bat down passes. Some injury problems. Had arthroscopic knee surgery before the 2008 season.

Final word: Moore was a two-year starter at Southern California came on during his senior year, posting 30 tackles and five sacks. Moore has the tools to be a good player at the next level but will ned the proper coaching to succeed.

Round projection: 4