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SB Nation Writers Mock Draft: Round 1, Pick #18

No. 18


Pick by Mile High Report

Clint Sintim

Ohio State

After trading Jay Cutler to Chicago, the first new pick obviously went to the SportsGuru 

The Broncos need help along the front seven and a lot of it.  We are going to give Josh MCDaniels time to see if he can create magic with Chris Simms or Kyle Orton because he has had a large role producing strong quarterbacks that were drafted in later rounds.  With that in mind, the Broncos need to address their linebacking corp.  Sintim has been a favorite of mine all off-season.  What I thought could be a steal at the top of Round 2, Sintim has steadily rose up the Big Board to a point where I thought there was little chance the Broncos could land him.  With the extra 1st round pick, however, Sintim is worth a bit of a reach, like many considered Jerod Mayo last year.

Sintim is the perfect player to toss in at OLB in the Broncos new 3-4 scheme.  With Elvis Dumervil and Jarvis Moss huge question marks, the Broncos need to bring in some impact talent that can get to the passer as well as cover in space.  Sintim has proven he can get to the quarterback, registering 20 sacks the past two seasons at Virginia. What I like best about Sintim is his versatility, something the ‘New’ Broncos are going to focus on as they transform the roster.

Sintim has a chance to be a stud linebacker, and the Broncos are in desperate need of a defensive team leader. Sintim fits the bill.

MTD thoughts: The Broncos have a great need for athletic linebackers who can get after the passer and Sintim is a perfect fit. This might be early, but it's a good need pick.

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Note: This is an updated pick following the Jay Cutler trade.