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Louisville Player Demands Presidential Audience

Angel McCoughtry had 21 points and 13 rebounds in a 77-60 dismissal of top-seeded Maryland in the women's Elite Eight last night, sending Louisville to the Final Four for the first time. A formidable accomplishment, that -- so much so that Angel demands an audience with the President. Immediately. As in right now. ↵
↵ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵ ↵
↵"Where are you President Obama?!" Take that to the court when you meet your buddies for some three-on-three, and watch them laugh with recognition. Or not, because as desperate as they are for sports content, they're still not watching the women's tourney in all likelihood. I know this because I'm a real man, and I most definitely did not spend two hours watching The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency last night with my wife. No, I was hanging sheet rock in between sets of body weight bench presses and sparring sessions in the stone circle with my live-in manservant and training partner, Glondor. That's just how I do.↵

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