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SB Nation Writers Mock Draft: Round 1, Pick #20

No. 20


Pick by Pride of Detroit

Peria Jerry
Defensive tackle

Ole Miss

This is a strange position for the Lions. They have an advantage in something. In this case, Sean Yuille of Pride of Detroit has the advantage of taking whomever he pleases with the team's second first-round pick.

Many different possibilities exist for this pick, but I ultimately decided on upgrading the defensive line. There was a need at defensive tackle going into the offseason, and that became even greater after Cory Redding was traded. The Lions did sign Grady Jackson during free agency, but he isn't someone you can count on as an every-down player. Besides, the chances of him lasting more than a couple years in Detroit are slim, so it was necessary to address that position.

I strongly considered addressing the need for a defensive end, offensive lineman or cornerback and would have been happy with picking a player at one of those positions. Since the Lions will be back on the clock to start the second-round, though, it gave me the opportunity to take Peria Jerry and quickly look ahead to pick No. 33. There will still be good players available at each of those positions, giving the Lions the chance to pick up another potential starter.

MTD thoughts: This is certainly a daring pick, given Detroit's needs. Again, this is another team that could use Michael Johnson. Also with Vontae Davis still available, I'm a little curious why he wasn't the selection.

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