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SB Nation Writers Mock Draft: Round 1, Pick #21

No. 21


Pick by Bleeding Green Nation

Jeremy Maclin
Wide receiver


Philadelphia and Bleeding Green Nation head blogger JasonB are checking in with the first of the team's two first round picks.

After the Eagles bye week last season, which was in late October, only 3 teams managed score more than 14 points against the Eagles defense. The unit was ranked #3 overall in the NFL and was the unquestioned strength of the team. The offense, was up and down all year. They'd put up big points on teams like the Giants, Arizona, and Dallas... but then they'd have total dud games against Cincy & Baltimore.

The offensive inconsistency seemed to be due to a lack of playmakers. Brian Westbrook, who is arguably the teams only bonafide playmaker spent most of the last half the season banged up and not as effective. Now departed backup RB Correll Buckhalter provided a spark at times as did rookie WR Desean Jackson, but it seemed clear to us Eagles fans that the team needed another threat. Now, WR is not the Eagles biggest hole on offense. That would be running back or TE. There are no RBs or TEs avaialable in this spot that are as dangerous or simply as good as Jeremy Maclin.

That's not to say Maclin isn't a need pick. The Eagles offense needs a playmaker, it needs a guy the opposing defense fears and Maclin fills that need. We can address our more specific needs later in the draft. Right now, we're taking the most exciting offensive player on the board. Jeremy Maclin paired with the speedy Desean Jackson and solid possession guys like Kevin Curtis and Jason Avant would give Donovan McNabb the most impressive corps of WRs he's ever had(including the year he had TO).

MTD thoughts: This is the kind of pick Philadelphia has had to make for years. Jackson is a nice receiver, but Maclin is a true No. 1 target. If this doesn't appease McNabb, nothing might.

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Note: This is an updated pick following the Jay Cutler trade.