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Victoria's Secret Should Stock Up on Jerseys

Sports are rife with homoerotism, a fact REAL MEN are able to justify by pointing out how MANLY these MASCULINE sports are. A recent study out of the UK, however, takes this homoerotism to new heights, well beyond simply watching men in skin-tight pants slap each others’ asses. ↵

↵The survey asked nearly 2,000 men what their favorite female bed-time fashion turn on is. The number one response: The jersey of their favorite football or rugby team. ↵

↵⇥34% of men asked said they would prefer their wife or girlfriend to wear their favourite team’s football or rugby top in bed, 23% said that they would be more interested in “sexy lingerie”, 21% replied with simply “nothing”, 16% said they would love to see a “fantasy role play outfit” and 6% said “ordinary nightwear”. ↵
↵No, bro, there’s absolutely nothing gay at all about being turned on by a Cristiano Ronaldo jersey. Cause, DUDE, there’s a hot CHICK underneath of it! Although she sure would look better if she’d cut all that hair down into a Euro-mullet. And maybe had bulging biceps and a sixpack. And if she was actually a man. Named Cristiano Ronaldo. God that would be hot.↵

This post originally appeared on the Sporting Blog. For more, see The Sporting Blog Archives.