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Winthrop's Bus Burns; AP Breaks Out the Wit

And the award for Best Zinger in a Lead, Sports Article category goes to ... well, this AP story doesn't have a byline, but whoever wrote it is the big winner. Please email the internet to receive your prize: a handful of rotten tomatoes. ↵
↵⇥The only thing on fire for Winthrop in the final basketball game of its season was the team bus. ↵
↵WHOOOZZAAAH, watch out now, we got a live one on our hands, boys. ↵

↵But really, Winthrop’s team bus literally caught on fire after the team figuratively couldn’t, losing its semifinal Big South Tournament game to UNC-Asheville last night. The team was stuck in Asheville for a few extra hours while they waited for another, not-burning bus to arrive. Luckily for them, Asheville is an excellent place to be stranded if you have some sorrows that need drowning. ↵


↵(In case you're curious, the local Rock Hill, SC newspaper used a "hot twist" reference in its lead to the same story. I have no idea what that means.) ↵


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