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Mississippi State Runs a Correction

Last week, we featured the sad typography of Mississippi State University's new baseball stadium sign, an edifice managing to screw up a very important piece of any sign reading "Mississippi State": the actual spelling of Mississippi. Go ahead and laugh, Ohio, Iowa, and Maine. You people have no idea what kind of living hell Mississippians go through, or how many more pens they use in a year because of the short-sightedness of their founding fathers in choosing such a long and unwieldy name for their state. ↵

↵Sparty and Friends points out that Mississippi State has corrected their sign. Well-done, Bulldogs. May we suggest in the future that you save money and time by doing something similar to what your sister university -- the University of Mississippi -- has by shortening the functional, common name of their school to "Ole Miss," a moniker requiring both less ink and think. We also suggest you double up your lobbying efforts in persuading the powers of this country to send funds your way, as Ole Miss appears to have gotten to the highest levels of American power imaginable. ↵


↵ ↵


↵That is one of Obama's bags being carried to Marine One earlier today, and a sure sign Mississippi State needs to step up their branding a bit. ↵


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