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NFC West--Monitoring Team Needs--Weekly Update, 3-5-09


 Time to catch up on the weeks happenings in the NFC West!

The Seahawks paid up to nab WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh, which could end up having a tremendous trickle down effect on the draft day top 20 or so.  Arizona finally got Kurt Warner under wraps and the 49ers are slowly solidifying role players on offense and defense.  St. Louis has been less than active, but locking up C Jason Brown will turn out to be one of the biggest moves in free agency, and re-signing their own CB Ron Bartell may end up being one of the better long term signings they could have made.

Below you will find the charts updated and notes on the most recent signings.  See you below the fold!


2008 Record and Rank:  4-12

3rd place

Team Needs Likely DraftTargets (rd)
WR, CB, OT, FS, SS, RB, QB, OG  WR, Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech(1st)
Free Agents Acquired Current Free Agents Free Agents/Players Lost

DT Colin Cole (signed)

WR TJ Houshmandzadeh

LB LeRoy Hill UFA*(franchised)

QB Charlie Frye UFA

FB Leonard Weaver UFA

WR Bobby Engram UFA

WR Ben Obomanu RFA

WR Koren Robinson UFA

TE Will Heller UFA

TE Itula Mili UFA

PK Tyler Jones UFA

OG Chris Gray UFA

OT Floyd Womack UFA

C Steve McKinney UFA

LS Jeff Robinson UFA

OT Ray Willis UFA

DL Rocky Bernard UFA

DL Howard Green UFA

DL Marcus Tubbs UFA

LB D.D. Lewis UFA

LB Wesley Mallard UFA

CB Kevin Hobbs RFA

FS C.J. Wallace RFA

RB Maurice Morris (signed)

OG Chris Gray (retired)

DT Rocky Bernard (signed)

  •  With FB Leonard Weaver taking himself off the table with the Saints, signs are pointing towards him being most comfortable resigning with the Seahawks on their terms.
  • Signing DT Colin Cole could be a significant upgrade for the 'hawks, but he will need to prove he has enough gas to be an everydown player.  As a net gain over Rocky Bernard, however, it is almost foolproof.
  • Seattle is getting warmed up to some more free agents, including LSers Mike Leach and Bryan Pittman.  They are also looking for a sure upgrade at FS, and right now that looks to be Jermaine Phillips.

2008 Record and Rank:  2-14

4th place

Team Needs Likely Draft Targets (rd)

OT, Eugene Monroe,Virginia(1st)

OLB Aaron Curry, WF (1st)

Free Agents Acquired Current Free Agents Free Agents/Players Lost

QB Brock Berlin (unknown)

WR Matt Caddell (res/fut)

WR Travis Brown (res/fut)

DL Willie X. Williams(res/fut)

WR Nate Jones(res/fut)

DL C.J. Ah You(res/fut)

FS Jimmy F. Williams(res/fut)

WR Joe Filani(Res/Fut)

LB Quint Culberson (unknown)

CB Ron Bartell

C Jason Brown 

OG Richie Incognito UFA*(tendered)

 DL Victor Adeyanju RFA*(tendered)

FA Oshiomogho Atogwe UFA*(franchised) 

RB Travis Minor UFA

RB Samkon Gado UFA

FB Richard Owens UFA

WR Dante' Hall UFA

WR Dane Looker UFA

TE Dominique Byrd RFA

OG Mark Setterstrom RFA

OT Adam Goldberg UFA

OT Anthony Davis UFA

OT Brandon Gorin UFA

OT Rob Petitti UFA

C Nick Leckey UFA

 C Corey Withrow UFA

C Brett Romberg UFA

DL La'Roi Glover UFA

DL Eric M. Moore UFA

LB Gary Stills UFA

CB Fakhir Brown UFA

CB Jason Craft UFA

CB Ricky Manning Jr.  UFA


QB Trent Green (cut)

WR Drew Bennett (cut)

SS Corey Chavous (cut)

  •  The signing of crown jewel free agent C Jason Brown should make Stephen Jackson happy.  As one of the top 5 overall talents available in free agency, the Rams chose wisely on where to spend their cash.
  • With both Torry Holt and Orlando Pace on the trading block, the team only realistically looks to get something for Pace at this point.  Holt should be released soon, an will end up being a great signing for some team looking for a couple of good years from a productive receiver with solid hands and routerunning.
  • Signing CB Ron Bartell should work out to a great deal for the Rams.  They underpaid him compared to some of the top deals for CBs in this free agency period, and yet got one of the best young players, and one of the more productive players at the position.

2008 Record and Rank:  7-9

2nd place

Team Needs Likely DraftTargets (rd)

 DE/OLB, Everette Brown, Florida St(1st)

OT, Andre Smith, Alabama (1st)

Free Agents Acquired Current Free Agents Free Agents/Players Lost

WR Micheal Spurlock(Res/Fut)

FS Jimmy Williams(undisclosed)

LB Takeo Spikes

FB Moran Norris

DE Demetric Evans

QB Damon Huard

CB Allen Rossum

WR Brandon Jones 

 QB Jamie Martin UFA

RB DeShaun Foster UFA

FB Zak Keasey ERFA

TE Sean P. Ryan  UFA

TE Billy Bajema UFA

OG Tony Wragge RFA

OL Damane Duckett UFA

DE Roderick Green UFA

CB Donald Strickland UFA

SS Keith Lewis (cut)

LB Tully Banta-Cain (cut)

QB J.T. O'Sullivan (signed)

DL Ronald Fields (signed)

WR Bryant Johnson (signed)

S Keith Lewis (cut)

  •  The Brandon Jones came in a little on the expensive side, and the deal sounds like guaranteed starter money.  For a team that is looking to run first, second and often, this move seems highly dependent upon the 49ers plans at QB going forward.
  • The Niners are looking at the Demetric Evans signing as catching a player on the upswing, but with his swithc from 4-3 to 3-4 and limited production even at his best, they would have a right to be wary.  he probably won't put up big numbers in SF either, but he will be key depth to keep their line playing fresh.

2008 Record and Rank:  9-7

1st place

Team Needs Likely Draft Targets (rd)

OLB Clint Sintim, Virginia (1st)

RB Chris Wells, Ohio State (1st)

Free Agents Acquired Current Free Agents Free Agents/Players Lost

DT Keilen Dykes (Res/Fut)

CB Wilrey Fontenot (Res/Fut)

WR Onrea Jones (Res/Fut)

SS Dennis Keyes (Res/Fut)

WR Lance Long (Res/Fut)

C Ben Claxton (Res/Fut)

FB Justin Green (Res/Fut)

QB Tyler Palko(Res/Fut)

P Waylon Prather (Res/Fut)

DE Jason Banks

TE Alex Shor

RB Chris Vincent

S Keith Lewis

LB Karlos Dansby UFA*(Franchised)

DL Gabe Watson RFA*(tendered)

TE Leonard Pope RFA*(tendered)

QB Kurt Warner

 P Ben Graham

QB Brian St. Pierre

FB Tim Castille ERFA*

FB Terrelle Smith UFA

TE Ben Patrick ERFA*

TE Jerame Tumane UFA

TE Stephen Spach ERFA*

 C Lyle Sendlein ERFA*

C Pat Ross ERFA

DL Bertrand Berry UFA

LB Monty Beisel UFA

LB Pago Togafu ERFA*

OG Elton Brown UFA

G/C Scott Peters UFA

T Elliot Valejo ERFA*

LB Clark Haggans UFA

CB Ralph Brown UFA

CB Michael Adams ERFA*

CB Eric Green UFA

LS Nathan Hodel (cut)

RB J.J. Arrington (signed)

DL Antonio Smith (signed)


  •  The Cardinals still have a lot of work to do in free agency, and many of their UFAs including Clark Haggans, Eric Green and Elton Brown have been getting long looks from teams around the league.
  • Resigning Kurt Warner was huge, and reports that he was willing to "take one for the team" to get Anquan Boldin to resign are sweet, really.  There was no way that would have seriously impacted the Boldin situation, but it is the thought that counts.
  • Edgerrin James' situation looks like it is likely to be a "veteran minimum" by the time it gets sorted out after the draft.  They don't seem to be in any hurry to peruse the RB free agents, and they still have unfinished business to do with reassembling the coaching staff, so Edge may just have to wait.
  • The Cardinals look to be in the market to replace their longsnapper and are looking at Mike Leach currently.  They also have their eye on CB Bryant McFadden, though he wouldn't get the payday he was expecting if he settles for the Cards.