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Levance Fields Laughs at Your 'Diagnosis'

With No. 4 Pitt hosting No. 1 UConn in CBS' early game, each team needs all hands on deck. Last time the teams battled, DeJuan Blair took the headlines by literally beating the hell out of touted Hasheem Thabeet. But today Thabeet has turned the table, keeping the ball away from Blair by fronting him (yes, a 7'2 giant fronting a 6'7 fireball) and dominating at the other end with 14 points. Thabeet has three blocks as well.
↵But Pitt's still winning. By 10. Panthers point guard Levance Fields has a bruised tailbone and had been a game-time decision. Glad he played, as Fields led a fairly efficient (considering UConn's defense) Pitt attack, finishing the half with six assists. Thabeet is such a defensive force in the paint that Fields has worked to push the ball in transition, and it's worked. Sam Young has 16 points and the Huskies have shot better than 50%. Give Fields credit for a good share of both those figures.
↵Thabeet has already absolved himself of the Pitt-UConn I criticism regarding Blair's abuse -- Hasheem has basically shrugged DeJuan off like fly. But Pitt beating UConn in spite of that ... that's a bigger statement. The Panthers aren't simply "out-toughing" an arguably more talented contender. They are outplaying them. Completely.
↵While we're here: it's not March until Bill Raftery blows out a mic.↵

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