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Scouting report: Robert Ayers

Robert Ayers

6'3, 272 pounds | Tennessee | Defensive end

Ayers is a strong defensive end who is an asset against the run. He stacks and sheds really quickly and knows how to properly use his hands. Technically sound tackler who delivers a wallop. For a one-year starter, Ayers has good playing intelligence which helps him get to the ball faster. Does a really nice job handling the backside contain.

Weaknesses: What will keep Ayers at defensive end, instead of rush linebacker, is a poor initial burst off the line. Ayers doesn't always work aggressively to get after the quarterback and has questionable passion. Never started until his senior season and could be considered an underachiever. Pass rush moves limited. Not especially athletic and doesn't change direction incredibly well. Has had off-the-field problems. Injury history.

Final word: Ayers could turn out to being similar to Jamaal Anderson of the Falcons. He's not much of a threat to rush the quarterback, but is fairly stout against the run. If he bulks up another 10 pounds, he could even move inside and play tackle. In high school, Ayers played his final two seasons with a torn labrum. Teams will have to decide if he's a late bloomer or was just playing hard his senior year to get an NFL contract.

Round projection: 3