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Bud Selig Burrows Deeper

↵Denying culpability in the whole steroid saga made many laugh at ol' Bud Selig. But at some point the chuckles end and the honest disbelief that someone could be so out of touch with reality sets in. Like, now. ↵
↵⇥Baseball commissioner Bud Selig says he's proud of how far the sport has come in attempting to eliminate performance-enhancing drugs.
↵⇥"It's been an interesting experience for me in the respect that we've cleaned the game up," Selig said Saturday during a spring training game between the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs. "I'm proud of where we are." ↵
↵Well done, Bud. Why don't you take, oh, the next 40 years off? I dare say that your mission has been accomplished.↵

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