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Recent Draft History: Green Bay Packers


Over the past 3 years, the Green Bay Packers have had the most draft picks in the NFL, with 32 picks.  It then makes sense that the Packers are the 2nd youngest team in the NFL, based on Age and Years of Experience.  This won't be changing in 2009, as they have 9 more picks this year.

I took a look at the last 3 drafts for the Packers, to try and see if they had any tendencies, which may help shape where they will go in 2009.  Here's a list of their picks from the first 3 rounds, as well as the number of games played by those picks:

Year Round Player Position Games
2008 2 Jordy Nelson
WR 16
2008 2 Brian Brohm
QB 0
2008 2 Patrick Lee
CB 5
2008 4 Jermichael Finley
TE 14
2007 1 Justin Harrell
DT 13
2007 2 Brandon Jackson
RB 24
2007 3 James Jones
WR 26
2007 3 Aaron Rouse
S 25
2006 1 A.J. Hawk
OLB 48
2006 2 Daryn Colledge
G 48
2006 2 Greg Jennings
WR 43
2006 3 Abdul Hodge
LB 8
2006 3 Jason Spitz
G 44

Some notes:

  • The Packers 2006 top of the draft was fantastic.  They got a top 5 LB, a very good WR, and 2 starting Interior Lineman.  A 3rd starting Interior Lineman, Tony Moll, was also taken in the same draft.  Not many teams, if any at all, can have that good of a draft.  Makes you also wonder how they missed so badly with Abdul Hodge (who's now with Cincinnati)?
  • Did you know the Packers had taken a WR high in the draft in each of the past 3 drafts?  The best thing for them is that all of them have contributed as well, led by Greg Jennings.  If you look at the whole draft, they've taken 2 each year since 2006.
  • These 12 guys have played in 314 of a possible 432 games, which is 72.9%.  This is the highest we've seen yet.  I'm gonna guess this is one of the better percentages in the league, especially with how well they did in 2006.
  • Of the 22 starters in Week 1, 14 of them were drafted by the Packers.  They've done a good job developing their draft picks, while filling key roles (especially on defense) through free agency.

Here's a chart of what positions the Packers have picked over the past 3 years.  This should give us a glimpse into what they could do in 2009:

Drafted 3 3 6 2 2 4 2 2 3 3 1 1

Interesting tidbits:

  • These numbers confirm what I said earlier:  The Packers like drafting on offense rather than on defense.  This year, I see this trend changing, as you can't focus on one side year after year. 
  • Also, with the switch to the 3-4, they are going to need some depth at DE and LB, which I fully expect them to take 2 of each this year. 
  • They are pretty low on OT as well, so I expect them to take at least 1 big guy. 
  • I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they won't take a QB, as they took 2 last year.  I'll also bet they take at least 1 WR.  They just can't help themselves.
  • They've taken 3 CBs since 2006, but none have gotten higher than Nickel CB, thanks to Woodson and Harris.  They are probably set there as well.