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SB Nation Writers Mock Draft: Round 2, Pick #55

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No. 55


Pick by The Falcoholic

Michael Hamlin


Defense continues to be the target of Dave the Falconer fromThe Falcoholic after picking James Laurinaitis in round one.

This pick was made for me, but I actually like it. Go figure!

If the Falcons were going to address their need at strong safety, it might as well be with a player like Michael Hamlin. He's a superb football player, period. He tackles well, is a force against the run and plays like he's in imminent danger of being cut from the team at all times. As a fan, you have to love a guy who plays as aggressively and as tough as Hamlin.

His major weakness is against the pass, and that's something the Falcons would have to work on. I'm sure I'll catch some flak for praising a guy that's superficially similar to Lawyer Milloy, who the Falcons recently released, but the difference here is that this kid is young and coachable. In this league, you have to believe in talent, and I believe in the talent of Michael Hamlin.

MTD thoughts: I, of course, like this pick because I made it. There just weren't any defensive tackles worth the pick and Hamlin is a talented player.

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