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Kobe Weighs in on LeBron's Missing Dunk

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↵Via You Been Blinded, here's Kobe weighing in on the now-infamous LeBron/Crawford. Who knows if Bryant knew this was being taped? He's a smart guy, and probably anticipated it getting out to the public. I wouldn't consider this the equivalent of a rap YouTube feud, but don't expect a public apology anytime soon. ↵
↵In fact, fellow superstar Dwyane Wade had hinted that he and Kobe might have a little bit to say on the subject. Here's what he had to say to Dan Patrick last week, courtesy of FanHouse: ↵
↵⇥Wade revealed that Kobe Bryant alerted the Heat star to the controversy, and called on Wade and others to "give [LeBron] stuff" about it. ↵⇥
↵⇥"At first I heard it and I said get out of here," Wade told Patrick. "And Kobe said, 'Man, you gotta call LeBron. You gotta give him stuff about this.' That's how we all are. When something is real we're going to say something to each other about it." ↵
↵No question the cover-up was absurd, and I don't think any fans are questioning LeBron's abilities. I've suggested that Nike use it as a new advertising angle. But you and I and everyone we know aren't LeBron and Kobe. What standards Wade and Bryant hold James to, and what's kosher to say on the airwaves, are probably beyond our grasp. This isn't beef, it's how the greatest athletes in world motivate, and express their fondness for, each other.
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