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Redskins use third rounder to take Jarmon

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According to the Washington Times, the Washington Redskins have used a third-round pick to take former Kentucky defensive end Jeremy Jarmon in the supplemental draft today.

Jarmon was the only player selected.

That leaves the Redskins with five picks currently for the 2010 NFL Draft.

"We feel good that he can come in with no pressure, learn and he runs well enough to play special teams," Redskins front office boss Vinny Cerrato said on ESPN 980. "He can learn from Philip [Daniels] and Renaldo [Wynn] and get ready to play later on in the season or in the future."

Adam Schefter, soon to be of ESPN, reports  that the Lions were going to take Jarmon at the beginning of the fourth round.

Thoughts: This is moderately surprising considering Washington just took Brian Orakpo in the first round of this year's draft. While Jarmon is a pretty solid defensive lineman, I don't think he was worth more than a fourth-round pick. The other two teams mainly looking at Jarmon were Detroit and Philadelphia.

It's wouldn't be surprising if Jarmon had a minimal impact this year considering he is getting such a late start
in the process.