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Further Proof Junk Food Makes You Fast

Usain Bolt admits to scarfing chicken nuggets before big races. David ↵Wells excelled both as a pitcher and in pitchers, mostly ↵of beer and margaritas. The world's foremost distance swimmer, Martin ↵Strel, both swims and drinks like a fish, often having red wine during his marathon swims of the Amazon and the Danube Rivers. ↵

↵ ↵


↵Add former Boston Marathon champion Gayle Barron to this group. ↵Barron, who this weekend will run the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta ↵she has won four times, will wear yellow and black in the race. You ↵may be familiar with those colors as the corporate hues of Waffle ↵House. Or, if you are like many people, you don't ever remember eating ↵at Waffle House, because you have only been there when drunk and ↵feeling the body's primitive inebriated yen for fried potatoes and ↵bacon. Either way, Barron is there because the accomplished runner ↵will be racing her 31st Peachtree smothered and covered in yellow and ↵black to highlight her sponsor, Waffle House, the restaurant where she ↵eats up to three times a week as part of her training table. ↵

↵⇥"I'm trying to say that, 'Look, if you are on a diet and ↵⇥you want to eat healthy, there are healthy things you can eat at ↵⇥Waffle House,' " Barron said, "because nobody thinks there is." ↵⇥
↵⇥In particular, Barron plugs her favorite meal - grilled chicken, ↵⇥steamed hash browns and scrambled eggs. Barron says she first tried it ↵⇥10 years ago, when her running group went to a Waffle House one ↵⇥morning for a post-run breakfast. ↵

↵I doubt the wisdom that eating at Waffle House for nutritional ↵purposes will make you any faster or better. What I don't doubt, given ↵what's happened to me after eating Waffle House? That if you eat a ↵full order of hashbrowns complete with chunked ham, peppers, and ↵tomatoes, you will be running somewhere very quickly indeed. In that ↵sense, it's a performance-enhancing drug, and they should test for it ↵by checking your running shorts for greasy fingerprints. ↵


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