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A Few Quick Questions For You

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We are headed to Indy this week and I've got a few questions for you:

1)  After last year's tire mess up will you be watching the Brickyard 400 presented by Allstate this time around?

2) has an interesting correlation - the reason why NASCAR TV ratings are down is because Dale Jr's on track performance is down too.  Do you buy that?  Why or why not?

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3)  Chicagoland had a ton of empty seats last race.  Do you think part of the problem is this;  Chicagoland, "as it has since it opened in 2001, refuses to sell single-day tickets to events such as last Saturday's 400 Sprint Cup race. Instead, it requires anyone who wants to attend the Cup race -- or any other event -- to buy a Track Pack that also includes tickets to the Nationwide Series race, the Camping World Truck Series race and an ARCA ReMax event, in addition to Indy Lights and IndyCar races." -

4)  From a fan perspective are double file restarts "shootout style" really that good, or that bad?

5)  Will Brian Vickers be with Red Bull next year, yes or no and why?

And finally, do you have any questions that you might want answered like just how does a driver go to the bathroom during a race?  Let me put it this way, why do you think some of the drivers get showered and changed into street clothes so fast after a race?  Haven't you ever seen them getting interviewed not 5 minutes after a race and there they are in street clothes and wet hair?  Hmm ...