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Shaq Weighs in on the LeBron Dunk, Big Ben

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In preparation for his role as sidekick to LeBron, Shaq is calling himself The Big Witness Protection (though I would have preferred The Big Crustacean), and he's already living up to the name. While LeBron has remained mum on Dunkgate, Shaq rushed to defend his honor this afternoon in a radio appearance on D.C.'s 106.7 The Fan. After first claiming he hadn't seen the video and didn't even know what the hosts were talking about, The Big Co-Conspirator asked hosts Mike Wise and Bill Rohland who had confiscated the video. Nike, was the answer: ↵
↵⇥"So if Nike did that how, come everyone’s bugging LeBron?" The Big Cover-Up asked. "Nobody saw LeBron point at his [guys] and say, 'Go get the tapes! I don’t want those tapes out!' You know, that was kind of crazy, but I actually did see the play. You know, it wasn’t even really a dunk on him, sort of like a dunk by. A dunk on is when Starks went baseline in New York, remember that? That’s a dunk on. A dunk on is what Vince Carter did to Alonzo Mourning in Miami. A dunk on is what Shawn Kemp did to Alton Lister. A dunk on is what Tom Chambers did to Mark Jackson at the All-Star Game when he put his knee in his chest. That’s a dunk on. Remember those? Those are dunk ons. That little thing I saw on TV, that was a dunk BY. That was a dunk BY." ↵

↵The Big Spinner stopped whirling himself in circles, and you know what happened in the world when he stopped spinning? Nothing. And LeBron had still been dunked on by some dude no one's ever heard of. I hope The Big Witness Protection has some better protection on the court. ↵


↵On a more serious note, Shaq is currently in Pittsburgh filming his reality segment with Big Ben, who seems to be in the news a little bit these days, so Wise also asked for a status update on his co-star: ↵

↵⇥"You know, Mike, there’s an athlete code and a street code mixed with this. Athlete code, we don’t talk about that stuff, and the street code, you’ve got to mind your own business, so I’m not even in that. He’s a great player. Actually, he has a great sense of humor for those who don’t know him. So he’s a great guy, and I’m just trying to lift his spirits, and we’re just having a good time. But I don’t ask no questions about it because it’s none of my business." ↵

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