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News and Notes 7/25/09 - Jeff Gordon, Danica Patrick and too much Chip

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I truly intend on making this section a weekday only event but the news and notes coming out of Indy on Friday were just too juicy not to pass along. So without further ado, get your bi-daily mass of news fix right after the jump!

When asked about altering the schedule to give him a shot to run the Indy 500, Jeff Gordon denied any interest in running in the world's most famous race. The four-time Sprint Cup Champion went on to say that racing at Indy was always his dream but he would only race at Indy if he were to run the full IRL schedule. Citing his age and respect for the IRL drivers, Gordon said it was unlikely that he would step into an indy car.

Danica Patrick may be interested in NASCAR next season but IndyCar and Cup owner Chip Ganassi says that Earnhardt/Ganassi Racing would not be a good fit for the 2008 Indy Japan winner. The team owner then implied that Danica could make the next step in her Indy career by choosing the right team after her impending free agency.

"Patrick said last month she didn't want to make a decision until the IndyCar season concludes in October, and Ganassi said his team was "like most teams, in the top of the first inning" of negotiations."

Many have speculated that Danica could sign with Target Chip Ganassi Racing and get her feet wet with Ganassi's NASCAR program during the IRL offseason. Stay tuned...

Speaking of EGR, Ganassi does not plan on moving to a one-car operation for next season. Instead the team will look to replace the departing Martin Truex Jr. for 2010 and beyond, pairing the new driver with the returning Juan Pablo Montoya. In stating his 2010 plans, the EGR co-owner shot down rumors that he would merge his stake of EGR with Joe Gibbs Racing.

"I'm not (merging). I hear lots of rumors...I'm looking forward to being back at the races to continue building our team and winning races. We got together with Teresa (Earnhardt), made the switch to Chevrolet, and it's mission accomplished. Our performance stepped up. That's what we were looking for, and that's what we got. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I'm not all in shambles or upside down or in disarray. I'm fine."

Clearly, Chip's passion bucket has runneth over.

Til next time, enjoy Indianapolis!