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Skinny Men in Bike Shorts Itching to Slapfight

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Alberto Contador, the winner of the Tour de France, is certainly too ↵busy rolling in a bathtub full of champagne with trophy girls to do ↵anything but savor a magnificent overall victory in the Tour de ↵France. Sure, he wasn't thrilled with Lance Armstrong's role on the ↵Astana team, and even threatened to leave if things got dicey between the two. Which ↵happened during Stage 7 when Contador made things "not go according to plan" with a late surge to take ↵a lead he would not relinquish. ↵

↵ ↵


↵But that's in the past, and we'll just move on, and [NOISE OF RECORD ↵SCRATCHING] ↵

↵⇥"My relationship with Lance Armstrong is zero," Contador ↵⇥said. ↵⇥
↵⇥"He is a great rider and has completed a great race but it is another ↵⇥thing on a personal level, where I have never had great admiration for ↵⇥him and I never will." ↵

↵... or you could just go ahead and all but ensure that you won't be ↵riding together next year, and ensure a public rift between the first ↵and third finishers in this year's Tour. There's also that option, ↵Alberto. Armstrong has not responded via his favorite medium, his Twitter feed, probably because he is too busy hanging out ↵with Eddy Merckx and drinking wine out of outrageously large glasses. ↵If past experience has taught us anything, though, it is that he will, ↵because while Lance Armstrong has a high pain threshold, he has zero tolerance for criticism. ↵


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