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Jay Glazer's Latest MMA Pupil: Patrick Willis

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In Steinberg's post on Jay Glazer yesterday, he briefly touched on Glazer's MMA training with Cardinals backup QB Matt Leinart. Today on PFT there is word Glazer added another student to his flock: 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis. Through the use of time travel* and a cell phone camera, we've obtained footage of Glazer officiating a bout between the two NFC West players. ↵

↵ ↵


↵No, but seriously, please tell me the two of them will get in a ring/octagon/something enclosed by fences and wires and brawl at some point. Even if they never fight, at least Freek has given us a preview of what we can expect if Leinart gets into a game against the 49ers this season and Willis manages to work his way into the backfield on a blitz. ↵


↵* = No time travel was actually conducted in the production of this post. If there was, I'd totally be stealing a sports almanac like in Back to the Future Part II. ↵


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