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TSB Americana: Ochocinco as Ben Franklin

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We won't have regularly-scheduled TSB programming Friday through Sunday as everyone heads out to the beach, but for those of you stuck in offices or afraid of that glowing orb outside, we hope you enjoy some of sports' biggest figures in different pieces of Americana. ↵

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↵"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain," goes the Benjamin Franklin quote, "and most fools do." But as America's most famous inventor also wrote, "human felicity is produc'd not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen, as by little advantages that occur every day." And if a young man can create these little advantages where none existed -- with a gold jacket, a Riverdance, a name change, a reinvention -- he's merely being American. Sure, the fools will complain, but innovators are made to innovate. There will be sleeping enough in the grave. ↵


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