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Clint Bowyer NASCAR Nationwide Series Champion Interview – Daytona International Speedway

You know it just means a lot to me to be able to win at Daytona

No doubt Clint Bowyer spiced up his Nationwide Series season by winning the Subway Jalapeno 250. Holding off Kyle Busch during a green white checkered flag finish, that quickly turned into a yellow flag finish, when a number of cars crashed.


He tried to loosen me up, he gave me a big shove off in the three and I was loose, I was all over the place as hard as he was pushing me but I knew I had to protect the bottom and I was just trying to hold it down there as much as I could and try to protect that, that was my only line of defense.

And it was good enough for the 30 year old Kansas native to capture not only his first Nationwide Series win this season, but also the first for Richard Childress Racing. With five wins on the year already, Kyle Busch was the runner up for the third time in the last four races.


You know, we make some adjustments to our car there throughout the pit stops, just little minor things trying to get more grip in it. Didn’t really seem to change it much but overall the car was really good on long runs, we seemed to be able to get up through there pretty well. The 29 was really good on the long runs as well too, he was about the best car and had the most motors so you know, unfortunately we had to settle for second tonight but it was a hard fought and well battled second so we’ll take it.

Finishing third was Carl Edwards.

There at the end I didn’t want that caution to come out because Clint was getting so loose. I thought man this is going to be good. I think Kyle was right behind me and I thought man if we could just get Clint moved over here it’s going to be to great but he ended up hanging on he did a really good job on that restart we just couldn’t get back up there and get with those guys from the outside lane but a real good night for us.

Then coming home forth, it was Joey Logano.


It’s hard to get to the lead and it’s hard to pass the leader that’s just kind of how a lot of these things are. I haven’t figured out the whole draft thing, as far as getting myself into the lead. You know, I can get myself up to second, third but to get myself into the lead is, it takes a lot, I mean you don’t see many cars able to do that. You have to have a massive run of guys lining up with you to get up there. It takes the whole package to get up to the lead but I can push people pretty good with this car.

Fifth across the stripe was Kasey Kahne, he was followed by Brad Keselowski, then it was Brian Vickers seventh and in eighth the top finishing rookie Justin Allgaier.  


Got stuck in the middle there one time and moved way back and tried to fight our way back up through and unfortunately got caught on the wrong side of that restart there but all in all it was a great night just glad to get out here in one piece. This is the first resctrictor plate race we’ve been able to finish so just glad to get out in one piece.

David Ragan wound up ninth with Kevin Harvick rounding out the top ten. After 17 of 35 races that make up the 2009 Nationwide Series season, Kyle Busch has increased his lead over Carl Edwards to win 172 points. Brad Keselowski remains third minus 268. Now this year Clint Bowyer is sharing the Holiday Chevrolet ride with Jeff Burton and Stephen Light. And that trio had made a bet before the season started, whoever had the best results half way through the year, that driver would have his name above the door for all of the remaining races. So with the Daytona win, Bowyer won the wager.


Guess we’ll see if Burton holds his end of the deal won’t we. Steve has always focused on the Nationwide idea but you know Jeff and I have been focused so much on our cup cars that we’ve kind of forgot about our little wager we got, now they’ve reminded me tonight. Then he kind of half way through the deal said, “Well I don’t think anybody ought to get it unless they win.” So to be able to cap that off with a win and who knows maybe he’ll be driving my car. Well it’s Richard’s with my name on it.

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The Nationwide Series will return this week to the Chicagoland Speedway. Look for the audio interview following the Dollar General 300 presented by Coca-Cola July 10.

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