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A Visual Representation of Reds-Phillies

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The pesky thing about blogging anything MLB is the total and complete lack of quality video available. In my short term as TSB overlord, I've used exactly one MLB video (spliced with keyboard cat) and it was gone within 36 hours. So this morning there were two options when it came to showing you what happened in the 22-1 beatdown the Phillies put on the Reds last night. I could put a link to MLB's highlights or, you know, we could just do this: ↵

↵ ↵


↵Yeah, I feel like that conveys about what you'd get out of seeing exactly what went into a performance that resulted in nine earned runs over two-thirds of an inning from Johnny Cueto. And normally I'd pay no mind to a baseball beating in the middle of summer, but this one had some historical context. It was the worst in franchise history. When you're the oldest team in baseball, creating any sort of franchise first carries a whole added dimension of fail to the performance. (Don't worry, the team from July 26, 1892 is totally off the hook now for that 26-6 defeat they were handed. That must be a relief for them.) ↵


↵And expect plenty more of these MLB "dramatizations" throughout the summer ... you know, until we just go full-on football mode on you. ↵


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