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UFC 100: Frank Mir Versus Hellboy

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UFC 100 is Saturday, and the capper to the whole night of submission holds and swinging knockouts will be the rematch of Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar, the 3-1 former WWE Wrestler, white black guy, and closest thing around to an actual walking version of the comic book character Hellboy. (Just change the tint a little bit, and they essentially have the same build.) The match is one of extremes, meaning it is a very easy and compelling sell for UFC. Mir is a classic MMA insider, a jiu-jitsu freak looking to take the fight to the ground and end it with the twisting of a joint or a friendly forearm around the throat. ↵

↵In contrast, Lesnar is a 265-pound bear/man capable of landing strikes thrown with both terrifying speed and force. This matchup did not go well for Lesnar in his UFC debut, where Mir caught him in a leg bar for a submission win. Hey, do you have a door you need punched off its hinges? Just show Lesnar a replay of this a few times, and he'll be happy to do the job for you. ↵

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↵There's been the requisite trash talk this week, something Lesnar brought with him from the WWE. Lesnar even went so far as to claim Mir grew up "a nerd" this week, a move that now has me imagining some formative moment when Lesnar, staring at a giant red F on a math quiz, looked up at a kid in glasses beaming in the front row with an A+ on his paper. At that point, rage met inspiration, and Lesnar had that most special of moments when he discovered his great purpose in life: beating up people, but most especially nerds or anyone nerd-like. ↵

↵I would remind Lesnar that nerds, by his definition, put men on the moon, built the atom bomb, and gave him the only loss of his UFC career when they could have broken his leg, but chose not to in the middle of the ring last February. He has his own shot on Saturday to avenge himself and Fred "The Ogre" Palowakski on Saturday, and if his submission defense really has improved, he stands a very good shot of doing that for all the abused and angry Hellboy nerd-beaters around the world. ↵


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