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Halftime Roundup: Ranked Teams Ahead, but Some Underdogs Are Keeping it Close

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First, the routs. No. 5 Penn State leads Temple 21-3, No. 11 Ohio State is shutting out Toledo 24-0, and No. 4 Alabama is making short work of North Texas as they near halftime, 27-0.

No. 22 Kansas leads Duke, 22-0. The Jayhawks’ Todd Reesing has already racked up 210 yards and three touchdowns. The second half may be more of a contest if the teams abruptly switch to playing basketball.

A few unranked teams, though, enter halftime within 7 points of their ranked counterparts. No. 25 Michigan leads E. Michigan 24-17, No. 24 UNC is holding off East Carolina by the score of 21 to 14, and the heroics of Gophers receiver Eric Decker (two touchdowns, one after a shoulder pad-shattering hit) are keeping them on the scoreboard versus California. Minnesota trails, 21-14.