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Cam Newton Is The Tim Tebow Of The 2011 NFL Draft

We've seen this story before. An athletic spread-offense quarterback makes an amazing transformation in preparation for the draft, unveiling a new-and-improved throwing motion and ability to drop-back and throw from the pocket ahead of the draft.  In 2010, it was Tim Tebow altering his delivery completely while learning to take snaps under center and become a drop-back passer. This year it's Cam Newton doing the same, looking to show scouts he's not just a runner ahead of the draft.

Newton is following the book of Tebow step-by-step, even hosting a workout in front of the media to show off his newfound skills. His trainer, quarterbacks coach George Whitfield, is raving and plans to unveil the new and improved Newton to the world on Feb. 10.

Much of the emphasis has been on getting Newton, who had played primarily out of the shotgun formation in a spread offense in college, acclimated to working from under center and throwing in rhythm while improving his footwork. The results have "blown away" Whitfield, as well as the elder Newton.

It's almost like the same rhetoric we hear during Spring training every year. It's always talk of players working hard in the offseason, coming into the season in the best shape of their lives, ready to have a career year. The NFL Draft is no different.

Newton may have suddenly learned how to become a drop-back passer after playing most of his career in a shotgun spread offense. If he has, it'd be a minor miracle, only taking a month to complete the transformation.

The media blitz worked for Tebow as the Denver Broncos fell in love and snatched him up in the first round, and it may work for Newton, as well. In Newton's case, however, he's already well-within the first round, but could find himself in the top-10 should he convince scouts he's suddenly a pro-style quarterback.