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Ice Conditions 'Awesome' For Winter Classic

With the Winter Classic a little under three hours away, it looks like it’ll be a perfect day for hockey.

Dan Craig, NHL Facilities Operations Manager, spoke this morning to members of the media and described the ice conditions as “awesome.”

“The Good Lord couldn’t have done better for us right now.”

Craig said he and his staff will be monitoring ice conditions before the game and throughout the day.

“I will be in tune with (the crew) and with the engineer of the truck,” Craig said, “because I have to make sure that the truck goes down slowly in temperature as the temperature rises outside.”

The ice temperature is “right where we want to be,” according to Craig.

As always on the morning of a Winter Classic, Craig is just hoping it all goes smoothly.

“Today, it is a calm confidence that we are going to have an awesome, awesome day at the park,” he said.