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Winter Classic 2010: There Is Still A Game To Play

The Flyers have had their fair share of struggles this season and with the abnormal surroundings with this regular season game, the Flyers still have to remember that this is a game to play and it still counts as two points in the standings. Travis from Broad Street Hockey has this from the Flyers:

"We started focusing on it [Thursday]," said Braydon Coburn. "Having a good practice, a few meetings and stuff, just going over what we want to do [Friday]." While players were seen pelting snowballs at Scott Hartnell during Thursday's practice on the field at Fenway, Coburn went on to say that they did get work done, trying to figure out the quirks of the rink and the things that might go on during the game.

The Flyers are in ninth place in the Eastern Conference and only two points behind the Rangers in eighth place. History is on the side of the Flyers though as the home team has never won an NHL outdoor game in three instances.