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Ice In And Outside Of Fenway Park


Dan Craig's got nothing on this guy.

Craig may have created the ice surface on top of second base in Fenway Park as I type this, but Don Chapelle created this masterpiece sitting in the Specatator Plaza on Brookline Avenue.

People gathered around the ice sculpture to take photos, which weighs close to a ton and stacks up approximately six-feet high. It was built by Chapelle, founder of Brilliant Ice Sculptures out of North Andover, Mass. Chapelle said the NHL approached him about creating the sculpture for the Winter Classic.

"It was a no-brainer," Chapelle said about taking up the NHL's offer.

The logos in the ice are made out of sand and snow. The sand is the color in the logo, with snow used to keep the sand in place. Gelatin is also used to form the logos.

"So you can eat it after, too," said Chapelle's helper, Anthony Pacitto.



Don Chappelle crafts his sculpture outside of Fenway Park.