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Winter Classic 2010: Flyers and Bruins Scoreless at the First Intermission

In what has already become the most physical Winter Classic yet, the Flyers and Bruins are locked in a scoreless tie after a lively yet sloppy first period. The highlights at the first intermission were a brief fight and a couple of tense moments around Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas.

SB Nation'sTravis HughesRandy Booth and Stanley Cup of Chowder are on hand at Fenway Park today. Here's some of their notes and information from the game:

  • Gametime temperature was 39.6 degrees at the drop of the puck.
  • The NHL's Northeast division standings have replaced the AL East standings on the out of town scoreboard.
  • The NHL is playing up their advertisers: one of the workers scraping the ice was in fact, a Geico caveman.
  • The Flyers' Danny Syvret is wearing eye black for the game.
  • While this is a home game for the Bruins, there is a very loud and boisterous contingent of Flyers fans in attendance. The large group of visiting fans near third base have been dominating Fenway with their "Let's Go Flyers" chants.
  • The Boston Bruins were saying before the game that the ice surface at Fenway is better than the surface at the Garden.
  • The snow started to lightly fall during the period, leading to some bouncing pucks which most likely contributed to the sloppy play.
  • Daniel Carcillo mentioned as he went off the ice that it was tough to keep focus in the electric atmosphere surrounding the game.