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Fans Predict Outcome Of Winter Classic


Here's a shocker: Bruins fans think their team will win the Winter Classic. So do the Flyers' fans. Who would have thought that?

Here are some pre-game predictions for you straight from the fans. The Bruins and Flyers are currently scoreless after the first period:

Jeff Herman, 21: 4-3, Flyers

TJ Brogle, 18: 4-3, 5-1, Flyers (if it snows)

Alex Smetana, 24: 4-3, Bruins

Bridget Reardan, 25: 5-4, Bruins

Demetri Rizos, 40: 2-1, Bruins

Mark Shaw, 50: 4-3, Bruins

John Casey, 22: 3-2, Flyers

Josh Koehler, 29: 4-2, Flyers