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Is The Winter Classic Really The NHL's Super Bowl?


Some are dubbing the Winter Classic as the NHL's Super Bowl. But other than the facts that it's held outside and the majority of the games being at historic parks, how big is this game?

Fans seem to be split on how big the Winter Classic really is.

"You can't make that comparison," said Bruins fan Demetri Rizos, 40, of Danvers. "This is so unique to be able to hear Bruins fans chant at Fenway Park. To be able to chant 'Let's go, Bruins' is very special."

For John Casey, 22, the Winter Classic is is one of the best you can get.

"This is right up there with the Stanley Cup finals," Casey said. "There is nothing like seeing a game like this outside."

Others are more blunt about how big this game really is.

"It's like a souvenir; It's the NHL's souvenir," said Bruins fan Jason Contardo. "Real hockey fans care about the Stanley Cup. This is a cool one-time thing, a good gimmick. It's good for the fans."

If a football team wins the Super Bowl, they are crowned the league's best team. If a hockey team wins the Winter Classic, they earn two points. You make the decision.