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Fans React To Thrilling Winter Classic

For almost the entire duration of the Winter Classic, Bruins fans were pretty much out of the game -- just like the Bruins players themselves. But thanks to a Mark Rechhi goal to tie it up late in the game and a Marco Sturm winner in overtime, Bruins fans are leaving Fenway Park happy.

"The Bruins played like garbage for 58 minutes," said Phil Shields, 32, a Bruins season ticket holder, "but they pulled it off in the end."

On the flipside, Flyers fans saw their team play well for 58 minutes before it all the good play came to a hault.

"They pissed it away," said Josh Krochmal, 28.

As bad as the game may have been, Krochmal also had a problem with his seats -- quite expensive seats at that.

"I literally saw four pucks," said Krochmal, who sat ice level. "I was pretty upset with that."

The Bruins' late effort was something B's fans wanted to see from the start.

"The end result was good, but the whole game wasn't so hot," said Joe Crowley, 31. "It was quick. The B's put it to them. They should have played that way the whole game."

Now with the Winter Classic in the books, Shields is happy to have seen his Bruins on such a big stage in Fenway Park.

"The Bruins, for the past 15 years, have been the bastard child of Boston sports," said Shields, who actually considered selling his tickets. "I've been a member of Bruins nation since I was 10 and they've always been breaking my heart. ... To see them come back and win in overtime was awesome."