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Two East Carolina Players Suspended For Liberty Bowl In The Year's Most Delicious Scandal

Back away, wayward Tennessee Vols in your getaway Priuses; there's a new pair of frontrunners out of East Carolina in hot pursuit of the most outlandishly boneheaded suspension of the year.  Pirates DB Leonard Paulk and RB Jonathan Williams have -- you know what, this is the sort of story that sells itself, so I'm just going to get out of its way and let it happen:

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reported that Paulk and Williams scuffled during the AutoZone Liberty Bowl awards luncheon and nearly flipped over a table while fighting over a dessert. According to the paper, one player had the other in a headlock and was hitting him.

Both East Carolina and Arkansas' players, coaches and administration members were in attendance as well as bowl officials and dignitaries.

That's right. Dignitaries at the Liberty Bowl.