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Jim Leavitt To Take Legal Action Against USF

What lawyers will be doing precisely is unknown, but if you want attorneys, Jim Leavitt’s got ’em. The newly-fired USF coach has retained the law firm of Florin Roebig for legal services, and will hold a press conference on Monday to announce his intentions. You know the law firm is serious, because they list their settlements and the sums on their home page. Also, they have a fountain, and when you look for serious lawyers, you look for fountains.

We do know one thing, though, and it is significant. Leavitt will be asking for immediate reinstatement to his job, and claims his firing was a violation of his contract and his constitutional rights. I thought the same thing, especially when USF levied those taxes on his tea, falsely imprisoned him, and forced him to quarter British troops in his house against his will.