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Report: Gilbert Arenas 'Owned Several Hundred Guns'

The character assassination of Gilbert Arenas continues. WTOP radio is reporting that Gilbert Arenas has at times owned several hundred guns in his life.

According to the report, Arenas has moved most of those guns out of his Viriginia home, but it is still unclear how many he currently possesses. All of the guns were owned legally because the state of Virginia does not require one to have a license (though Washington D.C. does require you to get a license, which Arenas never got on the four guns he brought to the Verizon Center).

Owning several hundred guns is certainly weird, but it’s not unprecedented. There are people out there who collect guns as accessories, and there’s no evidence yet that Arenas collected them for any other reason. But this news certainly is terrible for Arenas’ ever-negative image and perception to the public. There likely won’t be as many people defending Arenas now after hearing this news.