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Report: Arenas Negotiating Plea Agreement With DC Officials On Gun Charges

Because he possessed four unlicensed firearms in the District of Columbia, Gilbert Arenas could technically be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison. However, it appears Arenas could get off with much, much less.

The Washington Post is reporting that Arenas and his lawyers are in the process of negotiating a plea agreement that would keep Arenas out of jail entirely.

The sources said it was unclear whether the plea agreement would set Arenas’s punishment as probation, community service, a fine or some combination. But the negotiations would ensure that Arenas would not go to jail, one of the sources said.

If successful, Arenas could be in court as soon as Thursday, ostensibly to get his sentence. However, no case has been docketed yet, and the two sources the Post quoted stressed that the negotiations “could collapse.”

Arenas and several of his teammates, as well as coach Flip Saunders and general manager Ernie Grunfeld, have met with authorities since the investigation began January 5. The NBA has also met with Arenas and several of the players as part of its ongoing investigation.

As for Javaris Crittenton, the other player involved in the confrontation, it’s still unclear what charges, if any, he’ll face. According to the Post, three players have told league officials that Crittenton chambered a gun during the exchange. However, the details of the three accounts differ, and Crittenton’s gun remains unfound. The NBA would therefore have a difficult time suspending Crittenton because there is not much proof.