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Report: David Cutcliffe To Release Statement 'Soon'

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Since just about everyone is turning down Tennessee for their head coaching position, they have been forced to move on to former offensive coordinator and current Duke head coach, David Cutcliffe. Maybe. According to Rocky Top Talk, an "inside source at the Duke Athletic Department, David Cutcliffe is set to make some sort of an announcement shortly." 

This could mean ... anything. Or absolutely nothing. But it's all certainly ... interesting, especially considering Troy Calhoun just recently released his own statement, saying he was staying at Air Force. 

And now, to add some fuel to this Internet fire of a rumor: Duke currently has no football staff listed for 2010 on its official athletic site. Do with that what you will. 


UPDATE: As JackD points out in the comments, the Duke football coaches page is back up, with a big ol' picture of David Cutcliffe right at the top.