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It's For Real: Skip Holtz To Coach South Florida

Via an official university statement (with poorly justified margins) and everything!

A new era began at the University of South Florida with the hiring of Skip Holtz as the head coach of the football program on Jan. 14, 2010.

Holtz, who is just the second head coach in the 13 year history, comes to USF after five seasons at East Carolina and is a riding a streak of back-to-back Conference USA Championships. Holtz is one of just four coaches nationally to lead his teams to league titles each of the last two seasons.

Let the Mike-Leach-To-ECU campaign begin! As for Holtz, going from the purple-festooned Pirate enclave to the land of Gasparilla should make him feel right at home. (And make no mistake, the number of Big East contests covered by ESPN is about to skyrocket -- nothing finer than a little Holtz-on-Holtz action, amirite?)