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Skip Holtz To Take USF Job

Love happens, y'all: those passionate eyes Skip Holtz and USF were making at each other are now an engagement, and the East Carolina coach will leave the Pirates after four seasons and two Conference USA titles at the school to coach the South Florida Bulls. Tissues all around, please.

Details to come on the contract. Holtz is a solid hire, and one that makes immense sense from a number of angles. Financially, he won't break the bank of a school tied up with a potential settlement from the ongoing Leavitt saga.Coaching-wise he's not the firebreather Leavitt is, and will provide a welcome change of pace in Tampa. Programatically, Holtz understands programs in transition and how to build them up, something he's done at previous stints at UConn and ECU in taking programs on an upward trajectory and making sure they stayed that way.  

In summary: a solid, nonsense-free hiring for a program immersed in far too much nonsense recently.