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3. Get To Know Kevin Durant: The Durantula Goes Unplugged

Earlier this week, I offered a baseless prediction that Kevin Durant would hang 50 points on the Knicks at home. That didn’t happen—he only scored 30, his team won by 20—but the message should resonate regardless. He’s hit for 30 or more in the 11 of the past 13 games, and the Thunder are suddenly a credible team.

As that happens, Kevin Durant is quietly creeping into the conversation with some of the biggest names in basketball. When you talk about NBA scorers, there’s Lebron, Kobe, Carmelo, D-Wade… And Kevin Durant. Not quite to the “one name” level, but he probably should be.

He was born September 29th, 1988, by the way. It’s still early. 


In any case, while we’re talking about Durant’s awesomeness, this week he reminded me that he’s also pretty great off the court. On Twitter, he answered a bunch of questions from his fans. Just on principle, that’s very cool, but some of his answers were pretty funny. Below, get to know Kevin Durant with some Twitter Q-and-A. I cleaned up some of the grammar, and chipped in a few stray thoughts where applicable.

Are you ready? DurantulaUNPLUGGED!


Q. Favorite TV show?

A. Entourage

Ed. note: Okay, so… Bad start.

Q. When was the last time you cried??

A. Man maybe 10 years old

Q. Nba Championship or Gold at the Olympics?

A. Why not both?

Q. Look At My Son Rondo Wat Do Think Bout Him?

A. All star 4sho

Ed. note: Definitely gets the award for most “urban” exchange here.

Q. Who is the most underrated player in the NBA?

A. Gerald Wallace

Ed. note: Buzzsaw!

Q. Whats the best thing about playing in the nba?

A. Playing basketball all day, everyday.

Q. Who’s the funniest guy in your team?

A. Serge Ibaka

Ed. note: They’re not laughing with you, Serge.

Q. How do you like living in Oklaoma City?

A. Love it

Q. When are you going to get to host SNL?

A. That ain’t my style

Q. What do you love most about your team?

A. Our chemistry.

Q. Why do you wear #35?

A. My first ever coach died at 35.

Q. Whos your best friend in the NBA?

A. D.J. Augustin

Q. Who is the Best Defender you’ve faced so far?

A. Luc Richard Mbah Moute and Ron Attest

Ed. note: Just for the record, Kevin took the time to spell “Mbah Moute” correctly, and then followed with “Attest.”

Q. What is your favorite hype song before a game.

A. "Don’t make." 8ball n MJG.

Q. Have you considered doing charity in Africa?

A. Most definitely.

Q. What kind of car do you drive?

A. Minivan.

Q. How long have you walked with Jesus?

A. Since my freshman year of college.

Q. Who’s your favorite player?

A. Vince Carter

Q. What was the most memorable shot you made?

A. Game winner in ATL my rookie year.

Ed. Note: Sonics jersey… Remember, Clay Bennett is evil.

Q. What do you think is your natural spot on the floor? 2, 3 or the 4?

A. 3

Q. What would you say to an 8 year-old who already thinks he’s destined for the NBA?

A. Always have fun.

Q. Do you enjoy signing autographs?

A. Yesssir.

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration?

A. My brother.

Q. Why do you drive a minivan?

A. It has alot of room.

Q. What would your olympic number be if u had to choose?

A. Doesn’t matter. I just want to be a part of it.

Q. How old were you when you first thought you really would make it to the NBA?

A. 18.

Q. Have you ever been in love?

A. I think so. Does puppy love count?

Q. What was the toughest place to play in college?

A. Texas tech

Q. What’s your all-time favorite movie??

A. Twister.

Q. If you wasnt playin ball, what would be your career?

A. Meteorologist.

Ed. note: My favorite answer of any of these…

Q. Girls rockin ugg boots? Yay or nay?

A. Nay.

Q. Favorite rapper of all time?

A. Biggie.

Q. Where would you dream vacation be?

A. Dubai.

Q. If you had to pick…would you rather have a girl thats intelligent or attractive?

A. Attractive. LOL

Q. What up wit Lil Duvall tryna bag ur shorty Keri hilsion lol

A. Lil man can’t get her lol

Ed. note: Runner-up for most “urban” exchange

Q. Who’s your favorite NFL team?

A. Washington redskins.

Q. Who’s your favorite MLB team?

A. Nationals.

Q. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

A. Strawberry.

Q. If you lose a game do you watch sportscenter the next day?

A. I don’t watch it if we win.

Q. What’s your favorite food?

A. Crab legs.

Q. Who do you think will play in the Super Bowl?

A. I don’t care. The Redskins not in it.

Q. Kanye West or Lil Wayne??

A. Weezy.

Q. Best accomplishment in hs?

A. Graduating.

Q. Who has inspired you the most?! Who taught you the value of strong-will?!

A. My mommy.

Ed. note: Pretty sure his mom asked this question.

Q. Favorite female sport?

A. Volleyball.

Ed. note: Correct answer would have been “#COMEONSON

Q. If you were stranded on an island what 5 things would you take with you?

A. Basketball, Computer, Girl, Food, Drinks.

Ed. note: My answer would be the exact same.

Q. Whats the best album youve ever bought?

A. Blueprint.

Q. What advice would u give to kids trying to be recruited?

A. Take your time and be yourself.

Q. What was your first car?

A. Toyota Sequoia

Q. Redskins? Damn I thought u had better taste than that!

A. Reppin’ for the hometeam!


All in all, a lot of great stuff. There should be more interviews like this. Who needs banal quotes about Scotty Brooks’ offense? I want to know what Kevin Durant thinks of Uggs. And what he’d bring to a desert island. More fun that way, right? Though if we’re to take away anything from the above exchange with his fans, it’s that Kevin Durant, NBA Superstar, drives a minivan. Ballin.