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David Cutcliffe Turns Down Tennessee, Will Stay At Duke

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David Cutcliffe, per pay site and Knoxville sports radio station AM 990, will stay at Duke and not become the next head football coach at Tennessee. The issues scuttling the move were said to center on the coaching staff, which Cutcliffe wanted to bring over from Duke to Knoxville. This was something the administration evidently did not want to happen, and now Tennessee has to go to plans D, E, F, and possibly into the Ws and Xs at this point.

Those letters represent, among other people: current Vol assistant Kippy Brown, LA Tech coach Derek Dooley, Utah’s Kyle Whittingham, Lovie Smith, and even Houston’s Kevin Sumlin. Sure, he just received a contract extension, but those are just playful fiction at this point, something the last few weeks should have made abundantly clear.